Thohira Synbiotics

Thohira Synbiotics Increases The Profit of Farmers by Improving Growth & Protecting Their Aquatic Animals Against Diseases Using Elite Microorganisms.

Synbiotics powered by Bacillus subtilis ISO8

Thohira® Synbiotics contains spores of Bacillus subtilis ISO8 and mannan oligosaccharides. These technology not only reduce the risk of disease – they also improve water quality and increase yields.


Economical. Save costs

One kilogram of Thohira can be used to treat up to 1000 m3 of aquaculture water. Compared Thohira technology with other microbial products. And start saving money!


Tilapia body weight (grams)

Improved weight gain

Trials in commercial farms showed Thohira Synbiotics improved the weight gain and reduced the FCR. Reduce feed cost with Thohira now!


Thohira® Synbiotics removes the enemies

Thohira® Synbiotics is a synergistic blend of Bacillus and MOS that effectively displace harmful bacteria by competitive exclusion processes.


Improves biosecurity

Probiotics consume organic waste and uneaten food before they begin to decay, preventing accumulation of harmful ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate that are difficult to remove, can be toxic, and can cause health problems.
Improved water quality reduces the need for water exchanges, increasing biosecurity.


Thohira® Synbiotics under microscope

Watch the activated Thohira Bacillus subtilis under microscope

Thohira available in liquid and powder version

Both version have same performance. Choose powdered version if you wish to keep Thohira under long period before using it.

Thohira® Synbiotics improve farms profitability

Watch how Thohira can helps producers reduce costs and increase profits

Thohira Synbiotics Manual & Safety Data Sheet​

One size doesn't fit all

Contact us for custom synbiotics formulation that specifically designed to combat problems in your farms

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