R&D for Continuous Improvement

Our research mission is simple: Halways R&D strives to improve the economic viability of farm operations and enhance farming efficiency. To advance this mission, we have built an organization distinguished by world-class scientists with a talent for applying novel approaches to improve farming productivity.


Our R&D Approach

Innovation is at the core of the value that we deliver to our customers. Our products and services are research driven and innovation focused. We have devised an R&D strategy that aims to align and engage our talent, prioritize our investments, and seize scientific opportunities.

Our research scientists are hard at work on groundbreaking bio-based technologies to improve farming yields. Our life science R&D focus areas are:

New microbial strains or prebiotics to improve animal performance

Microbial isolation & characterization.

Prebiotic derived from agriculture waste.

Non-antibiotic growth promoters.

Feed technology to reduce costs and increase profits

Improve nutritive value of feeds.

Utilize feeds ingredients made from renewable resources.