Synbiotics for Poultry. Promote Growth & Protect Against Diseases

Increases The Profit of Producer by Promoting Growth & Protecting Against Diseases

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POULTRIGEN is a complete synbiotic solution for poultry that is proven to help promote poultry growth and provide protection against diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Made from a unique spore forming Bacillus subtilis strain fortified with prebiotic mannan oligosaccharides, Poultrigen has an innovative formulation that ensures a hassle-free usage as well as an optimal activation in the small intestine. By acting positively on the gut microbiota, Poultrigen has a beneficial dual action on both performance and health. In lab and field studies, the inclusion of this spore-based feed additive to the poultry diet yielded a decrease in feed conversion rate by at least five points versus other products. Improving the efficiency of converting feed to meat means a greater return on investment and increased profitability.


Reduce Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

Poultrigen  significantly improve FCR in commercial farms. ain more profits with Poultrigen.

Water application

Poultrigen Liquid is applied to drinking water and can be used in different poultry production systems and under different environments. The application is flexible and recommended during critical and stressful periods of the production cycle. Recommended usage rate is 30-80 ml/m³ of poultry drinking water.
*One liter of Poultrigen could support up to 1,500 birds during its lifetime.

Feed application

Poultrigen Powder is a powdered form for feed application which allows the product to withstand high temperatures used in pelleted feed. Recommended usage rate is 200 – 500 g/tonne feed, included either directly or via a premix.

Improved weight gain

Poultrigen significantly improved birds weight gain in commercial farms.

Synbiotics for Raising Resilient Poultry

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